This section highlights the professional development activities undertaken by staff at WESTIR Limited. It includes summaries of conferences, seminars and workshops attended throughout the year.

By Amy Lawton, Social Research and Information Officer, WESTIR Ltd

WESTIR Limited attended a free webinar called ‘Using Facebook to connect with your community’ in June 2018, run by Leep. The presenter was Anne-Maree Kerr through AMK Training and Consulting. The webinar looked at some simple methods that organisations can use to make their Facebook page more effective and engaging. Some areas that were explored included:

  • Guidelines for making good Facebook posts
  • The need for your organisation to have a social media policy
  • Tips for growing your online audience and engaging with the broader community
  • Using blogging to share more complex ideas
  • Online tools available to manage and plan your online content
  • How to make beautiful imagery to attract attention to your posts
  • Other useful tips for managing your Facebook page

Leep and AMK Training and Consulting run regular online sessions on similar topics to help you and your organisation communicate more effectively online. Follow Leep and AMK Training and Consulting on Facebook to receive updates on future webinar and training opportunities.     

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