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Author: Tim Farland (Consultant)
Published: 2018

In 2017, WESTIR Limited worked with Canterbury City Community Centre (CCCC) and Bankstown TAFE community services students to produce a report for the Listening@Lakemba project. Listening@Lakemba 2017 was a conversation (through a survey and community forum) with the citizens of Lakemba about the strengths, issues and needs of their community and explored options for action and progress. The Listening@Lakemba 2011 survey, Forum and report (also available on the WESTIR Limited website) provided a baseline to examine changes in community views, needs and options for change. The Listening@Lakemba 2017 report aims to inform the ongoing conversation between Lakemba’s residents and the organisations that serve them and assist community and service development, planning and advocacy.



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