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Author: Penrith City Council and WESTIR Limited

Published: 2018

In 2018, WESTIR Limited assisted Penrith City Council in the research, data analysis and survey development for the Penrith Community Profile 2018.

The Penrith Community Profile 2018 is a ‘one-stop’ source of demographic, social, health and sustainability data specifically related to the City of Penrith and its suburbs.  

Information contained in the Community Profile about Penrith City includes:  

  • Current demographic information, trends and future forecasts
  • Learning and educational outcomes
  • Housing, including tenure type, dwelling structures, housing stress and homelessness
  • Childhood wellbeing statistics
  • Employment, including industries of employment, travel to work data and unemployment
  • Health outcomes for the general population and for vulnerable and disadvantaged groups within the community
  • Socio-Economic Indexes for Areas (SEIFA)
  • Social sustainability indicators
  • Environmental sustainability indicators

The Penrith Community Profile and its summary can be viewed on the Penrith City Council website:


All publications related to the Census can be found here.

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