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By Laura Butler, Social Researcher, WESTIR Ltd

As summer temperatures continue to soar in Greater Western Sydney – a trend expected to worsen with climate change – residents are navigating increasing energy prices and water restrictions with a need to stay cool. In this paper, WESTIR provides an overview of swimming sites located in GWS. Specifically, we look at three types of swimming sites: public pools, wild swimming sites (such as rivers and waterholes), and splash parks for children.

In addition to providing information for residents through this interactive map, this paper offers analytical insights into swimming infrastructure and access across GWS. As you will read, the accessibility of swimming sites differs between South Western Sydney and Western Sydney Nepean Blue Mountains (both in terms of location and admission costs). There are large discrepancies in admission prices across GWS LGAs, plus discrepancies in how many pools operate in comparison to LGA populations.

As we emphasise in this paper, public pools are crucial community assets worthy of investment and protection, especially as the growing population of GWS confronts increasing temperatures and cost of living pressures with worsening climate change effects.



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