This section highlights the professional development activities undertaken by staff at WESTIR Limited. It includes summaries of conferences, seminars and workshops attended throughout the year.

By Laura Butler, Social Research and Information Officer, WESTIR Ltd


WESTIR Ltd attended the biennial Australian Social Policy Conference (ASPC) from Monday 9 September to Wednesday 11 September 2019. Hosted by the Social Policy Research Centre (SPRC) at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) Sydney, the ASPC is Australia's pre-eminent conference for social policy. Participants were welcomed from academia, government, and the community sector. The program explored diverse themes, such as poverty and social inequality, Indigenous peoples, communities and families, disability, and ageing.

WESTIR Ltd attended over 35 presentations during the three-day program. Most valuably, for WESTIR’s focus on Greater Western Sydney communities, the ASPC balanced discussions of concepts and research practices to champion the voices of research participants, therefore providing insight into innovative, ethics-lead research methods. The following Report summarises these highlights from WESTIR’s perspective. More information and presentations summaries are available through the ASPC website.



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