The second major set of data from the 2011 Census was released at the end of October. This release contains information for all geographies [including suburbs, postcodes, LGAs, and major regions] about employment / unemployment; occupations; industry of employment; educational qualifications; mode of journey to work; and lots more.

With the release of this data for TableBuilder access last week, WESTIR now has access to most of the major sets of data from 2011 Census. Remaining data will become available in first half of 2013. This includes: SEIFA [Socio-Economic Indices for Areas]; origin-destination for Journeys to work; and counts for mesh blocks [the smallest geographic level for the Census].

As always, WESTIR is available to help you find your way around the vast and mazelike Aust Bureau of Statistics website – so you can find the data you need. We can also help to extract the data you need for your agency or service planning, etc.

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