JOURNEY TO WORK 2011 – 2015

BY Barbara Beard

This report is an update of the Occasional Paper No. 6 – March 2011 “Who works where and how do they get there? – GWS Journey to Work 2006” using 2011 Census Journey to Work data (from the Bureau of Transport Statistics). There are two differences between the 2011 paper and the 2006 paper. Firstly, due to geographical changes, the tables using Statistical Local Area (SLA) data have been replaced with Statistical Area 2 (SA2) data and subregions have been replaced by Statistical Area 4 (SA4) data. The geographical changes and naming conventions of the new areas are explained in more detail on page 8 of this report. The other difference between the reports is the inclusion of data for Lithgow Local Government Area (LGA) and Wingecarribee Shire. These two LGAs are not included in the GWS total as they are not part of the standard definition of the 14 LGAs of GWS. The totals for GWS are compatible with the previous edition. Many government departments and authorities now include these two LGAs in regions that were previously made up of only GWS LGAs. Therefore, we have included a section on each but have not included them in our definition of GWS for the time being.

NOTE: In this report, the totals in the LGA tables are not always the same as SA2, SA4 and mode. The reason for this is that LGA boundaries are not part of the ASGC boundaries which are used for standard ABS tables. This means that statistical areas (SA2s, SA4s & TZs) do not always fit neatly into LGA boundaries or the TZ may not be allocated to an LGA. More explanation about travel zones (TZ) can be found on page 10. The totals for the LGA tables are generally less than the totals for all other tables due to the geographical differences.

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