BY Penrith City Council and WESTIR Limited

In 2018, WESTIR Limited assisted Penrith City Council in the research, data analysis and survey development for the Penrith Community Profile 2018.

The Penrith Community Profile 2018 is a ‘one-stop’ source of demographic, social, health and sustainability data specifically related to the City of Penrith and its suburbs.

Information contained in the Community Profile about Penrith City includes:

  • Current demographic information, trends and future forecasts
  • Learning and educational outcomes
  • Housing, including tenure type, dwelling structures, housing stress and homelessness
  • Childhood wellbeing statistics
  • Employment, including industries of employment, travel to work data and unemployment
  • Health outcomes for the general population and for vulnerable and disadvantaged groups within the community
  • Socio-Economic Indexes for Areas (SEIFA)
  • Social sustainability indicators
  • Environmental sustainability indicators

The Penrith Community Profile and its summary can be viewed on the Penrith City Council website:

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